Ladies!! Read this if you shave your intimate parts

If you shave intimate zone, you might be risking experiencing the horrible consequences! Because removing hair “down there” is a normal thing, a lot of do not know what kind of horrible unwanted effects they expect!

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Waxing the bikini line is probably the most hated grooming rituals. A fresh study discovered that most women fully or partially remove the hair from the area of the intimate zone.

DO NOT TOUCH your pubic hair!

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Women don’t understand the potential risks shaving pubic hair because the shaving of hair from other areas of the body is safe and non-threatening. – says Andrea De Maria who led the study published in the journal “American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology.”The study discovered that 87% of women pay for intimate hairdo at beauty saloon and 90% of them do with a razor.

However, genital skin is extremely sensitive, more than the skin on your arms and feets. Therefore, shaving can cause tiny wounds that are not always seen. That might explain why 60% of females stated they experienced negative effects after shaving pubic hair. The most frequent are small cuts, after which there is growing hair. Even though small, injuries are not naive!

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The skin below the waist is full of sweat glands; which means that the area is moist and mostly dark. A perfect environment for bacterial growth, especially if the skin is damaged by a small cut, it might very easily access the bacteria and viruses and is a great risk of infection.

You can become infected with sexually-transmitted diseases such as herpes and HPV because pubic hair is, in fact, a natural barrier that prevents infection.

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