This will help you lose 15 pounds in one month without the need to workout

So Here’s the Method

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Green Tea:

Like I’ve written in my post on metabolism boosting drinks, green tea is a great way to increase your metabolism speed and lose weight. It’s easy to prep and drink. But you might be wondering how much you should drink, so here’s how much I took in.

Every day I would drink 6-12 cups of green tea. It fluctuated that much because I didn’t always remember to fill up my cup right after finishing it (or getting it right away once the microwave stopped heating it up).

Now if that sounds like a lot to you, you can just pre-make a big batch the night before (since cold tea is easier to drink), and drink it all the next day.

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Just remember, do not I repeat, DO NOT, add any sweeteners. Just chug it down fast if you aren’t crazy about the bland taste and it’ll be over. Adding anything, no matter how small, may defeat the purpose of its metabolism boosting (and overall healthy) effects.

Skip Lunch:

Now we always seem to hear about how unhealthy it is to skip meals and how skipping can slow down our metabolism.. but only if you do it wrong. In fact, before the Industrial Revolution, breakfast and supper were the only two meals people had in a day.

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The key here is knowing how to plan your two meals of the day. You need to be able to eat breakfast late enough (around 10 AM) and eat dinner early enough (around 5 PM), so you’re not driving yourself crazy staring at that bag of Cheetos.

Now people will tell you that doing this will cause you to overeat at dinner, and it can be true. But I found that I still lost the weight even on the nights I did overeat. There was no fluctuation, I was free to eat until I was stuffed (and mind you, this had never been the case before).

Eat a Small Breakfast:

What you eat first thing in the day matters a lot. And every day I ate a small breakfast and it was always the same thing. Oatmeal. And to make it interesting, I always dressed it up differently every week.

One week I might do honey and butter (so so good), honey + cocoa powder + milk mixed in, honey + cinnamon (or pumpkin spice) + milk mixed in, or my favorite mocha overnight oats.

It was always a 1:2 ration with a ½ cup of oats (instant or regular) and 1 cup of water. If milk was involved, it would always be a ¼ cup.

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