[Skin Care] Try this to remove under skin pimples without damaging your skin

Pimples under the skin are a nuisance. Learn how to bring them to the skin surface and how to efficiently get rid of them.

Herbal acne cream
Although most of them smell pretty bad, many face creams from natural extracts have great results on pimples under the skin.
Look for bruising blends with arnica, with calendula for faster healing and with echinacea for its antiseptic qualities.

Hot compresses
Apply hot compresses on the swollen area, so infection to progress to the skin surface. The heat from the hot water attracts bacteria to the surface and open pores.
Hot and cold compresses
On the same principle, alternative hot and cold compresses will help your skin to “throw” infection to the outside so you could squeeze the troublesome pimple.
Old Medicines
Crush a tablespoon of chopped onion, a tablespoon of garlic and a tablespoon of freshly grated ginger, mix the ingredients well and apply on the inflamed area for two to three hours. Pimple will have a white tip and can be safely drained.
Black tea bags
A black tea bag will help infection to get to surface and tannins inside tea will help to reduce redness and inflammation.

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Best 6 moves to tone your butt, lets and thighs for good

As your legs are the strongest parts of your body and they really needs to be used, it is important to pay attention to their development and stay with the recommendation “Never skip the leg day”! That phenomenon not only affects guys but many ladies are prone to focus so strongly on specific areas and they leave their legs out of the equation entirely!

There are many workouts created to treat that body area, but we found the most effective one created by Fabletics Master Whitney Findorff. It is exactly the lower-half workout that will have you reaching for your skinny jeans in no time!

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So, girls, don’t be afraid. By doing it, you are going to find your option to get fit and trimmed legs, so don’t hold back. Boys…you too, never skip the leg day!

Squat Walks

Target: Glutes, Quads, Hamstrings

Reps: 3 Rounds. (10 each / 8 each / 6 each) Reps Per Round

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–           Starting position – standing with your feet hip-width apart and shoulders over hips.

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–           Squatting down walk forward one leg at a time using your arms for balance.

–           Keep the squat position until all reps are complete.

Lateral Lunges to Balancing Knee Lift

Target: Glutes, Inner and Outer Thighs,

Reps: 3-4 Rounds. 12 each (10 each / 8 each / 6 each) Reps per Round


–           Starting position -standing with your feet hip-width apart and shoulders over hips.

–           Stepping out into a lunge to the left, keep your feet flat and toes pointed forward.

–           Pushing out of the lunge, lift your left knee in front of you

–           Return to the starting position and repeat

–           Switching the side repeat the same.

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How to cut hundreds of calories every day without even trying

Want to get in shape, but find there’s always a reason why you can’t work out? It’s time to ditch the excuses!

Here are the top 3 excuses people make to skip a sweat session, and the best ways to beat them:

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Excuse No. 1: I’m too tired.

Solution: Get ready for your workout the night before! Pack every single gym item in your bag — literally everything you will need. This makes the morning far less painful. If you’re prepared, you’ll work out. One less excuse.

Excuse No. 2: I don’t like the gym setting.

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Solution: You don’t have to go to the gym for a workout! You can pick your favorite workout moves and do them in the comfort of your house. It’s convenient, stress-free, and it’s a time saver. And don’t worry, you’ll still burn your calories!

Start with this simple set of exercises: 10 rounds of apple pickers + burpees + plank knee touches. For round 1, do 10 of each move. For round 2, do 9 of each move. For round 3, do 8 of each move. Count your way down until you are doing 1 of each move. Then your workout’s complete!

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Check out these easy-to-follow demos:


Apple Pickers: Start with your arms up, then pull them down as you lift your leg. Right side + left side = one rep.

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Burn 100 calories in 10 minutes: The fast total body workout you can do at home

You don’t need to spend hours in the gym to get fit — if you can find 10 minutes, you can do it. I call this the pyramid workout, and it’s far and away my go-to routine because you can do it anywhere, anytime, with anyone. No equipment or large space is required. I do this in my bedroom when I don’t want to go to the gym. I do it in my hotel room when I’m on the road. I do it on the beach when I’m on vacation —you get the idea.

Here’s how it works:

There are 10 moves. For the first move, do 100 reps. For the second moved, 90 reps. The third, 80. Then 70, 60, 50 and so on down the line, until you get to the last move, which you will do 10 reps of.[bha size=’120×120′ variation=’05’ align=’alignright’]As you decrease in reps, the exercises increase in difficulty, so it’s built to even itself out. One pyramid should take you 10-12 minutes and burn between 100-150 calories. For more of a workout, try to do as many pyramids as you can in an hour.

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Butt kickers: 100 reps (left side + right side = 1 rep)

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Homemade mask will help get rid of blackhead in just 15 MINUTES!!!!

Blackheads- they look just as unattractive as the name sounds. They can appear suddenly overnight without warning and once they do make an appearance, they don’t ever seem to want to disappear. Blackheads are not painful, however, their appearance is a clear indication that the pores of your skin desperately need to be cared for. When blackheads are left untreated, they can spread quite rapidly. The most common places for them to appear are on the chin, around the nose, and on the nose.

What Causes Blackheads?

In medical terms, a blackhead is referred to as an open comedo. It is a non-inflamed mark of acne that is black or dark brown in color on the pore’s surface. They are frequently mistaken for dirt that you can scrub off. However, that isn’t possible. What they are really are is a combination of acne-causing bacteria, sebum (excess oil) and dead skin that becomes dark in color when it comes into contact with the air. Blackheads are the first stage of the acne formation process. If they are not treated, they can spread and also from pimples, which are also referred to as pustules or papules.

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Acne and blackheads typically develop during puberty as hormones rise up to the skin’s surface. This then causes more sebum (oil) to be produced by the sebaceous glands, which causes the skin’s surface to have an excessive amount of oil on it, which makes the skin oily and clogs the pores with acne-causing bacteria and sebum. The pores turn dark in color or black after these substances that are clogging the pores get exposed to air.

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Just 4-weeks bikini body slim-down summer challenge

The summer holiday is coming, and I’m sure most of you would either want to slim down, ready for summer vacation or to hit the beach in your bikini. To get you ready, I want you to do this workout for the next 4 weeks.

This 4-week bikini body slim down challenge combines total body strength, cardio and abs, which is the most effective way to burn fat and to lean up. Here are the specs of this slim down challenge:

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Workout duration: under 20 minutes;

2 – 3 Sets (rest 1 min in between sets);

8 Intervals per each set;

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Each interval: 45 secs workout, 15 secs rest;

Calories burned: over 250 cals, depending on your weight and height;

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No equipment needed.

Slim Down Challenge Exercises

This workout is gonna be intense enough to give you results, so don’t skip your warm-up and cool down and aim to do at least 5-10 mins of stretching moves for each.

1. Front Lunge Hop

Lunge forward, bring your leg up and hop. Beginners can do this exercise without the hop, just lunge forward and bring your leg up.

Slim Down Challenge Lunge Hop

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11 kg in 2 weeks with this egg diet (Complete menu for 14 days)

If you want to obtain results rapidly, the boiled eggs diet is the ideal one. Only several eggs are used and numerous vegetables and citric fruits are included, which comprises a balanced menu. The diet helps you improve the metabolism and burn fat without the annoying feeling of hunger.

It is very important to drink a lot of water. Water hydrates our body and nourishes the cells so that they can remove toxins. Drink at least 8 or more glasses of water a day. This may look like a big quantity of liquid at first, but soon you will get used to it. You probably often wonder if you feel hungry and what would you eat. That could actually mean your body is dehydrated and you will only need to drink more water. Therefore, you must drink a sufficient amount of water every day so that it can help you keep up the good shape and eliminate the excess of weight. Consuming water constantly will help you learn how to distinguish between hunger or just feeling hungry, so you’ll have a more balanced diet.

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The rules for this diet are very simple. As in any other diet, it is not allowed to eat ‘garbage’, as hamburgers, sweets, etc. It is necessary to limit the consumption of sugar and salt. Also, avoid the consumption of sodas and alcohol.

This diet can help you lose up to 11 kg in 2 weeks (any time your body allows it), and the best thing is that you will not have your weight back after you’ve finished this diet!

Here’s the menu for the next 2 weeks. Enjoy!

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Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs and 1 citric fruit.

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Lunch: Fruit and 2 slices of wholemeal bread.

Dinner: Cooked chicken and big salad.


Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs and 1 citric fruit.

Lunch: Cooked chicken and a green salad.

Dinner: 2 eggs, vegetable salad, and 1 orange.

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5 must known tips to do slay your workout. Must read it

So you’re ready and raring to get back into a fitness routine? Good for you! A few simple workout tips will help you keep up your excitement.

 A fresh start can feel great—but beware of pushing too hard too soon. When you’re coming back from a break from regular workouts, it’s common to start strong but burn out before you start seeing the benefits. Follow these workout tips to stay motivated, prevent injury, see results, and most importantly—enjoy yourself!

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1. Throttle your intensity.

The number-one mistake people make when starting a new exercise plan is going too hard too soon. The fallout is strong carbohydrate cravings, lackluster results (if any results at all), quick burnout, and a drastically increased risk to injury.

Instead, keep your effort level at “challenging, but not grueling” for the first month about a six or seven on a scale from one to 10. “You’ll actually see bigger, better, faster results if you start more conservatively.”

2. Work out every other day.

It can be tempting to want to exercise every day to try to form a habit, but an every-other-day routine will actually boost your results. After a workout, your body needs time to repair your muscles and re-up the stored energy (known as glycogen) in your cells.

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Exercise no more than three or four times a week for the first two weeks. If you’re feeling good—that is, your energy levels are high and your muscles aren’t sore after workouts—it’s OK to add another day. But even once you’re in a regular workout schedule, it’s a good idea to alternate hard days and easy days to ensure proper recovery.

3. Warm up the right way.

A good warmup is essential to preventing injury during a workout. However, a five-minute walk on the treadmill isn’t going to cut it. Light cardio does have some benefits, like increasing blood flow to your muscles, but it falls short of preparing your body for a workout.

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To prime your body for exercise, a warm-up should include big movements like Downward Dogs, body-weight squats, and glute bridges. These exercises activate large muscle groups like your core and glutes (butt muscles), increase your core temperature, and take your joints through a full range of motion.

This type of exercise prep, known as a dynamic warm-up, is widely accepted as the gold standard for athletes and casual fitness enthusiasts alike.

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10 Minutes Thigh Workout With Gif Tutorial

Before we get started, though, it’s important to mention that doing this workout three times per week isn’t going to automatically transform your legs. Spot training—the idea that concentrating workouts on a specific body part will help define that particular body part—is a fitness myth.

The truth is that you can spot train all you want, but that alone won’t lead to spot-specific results. If your goal is muscle definition or fat loss in a particular area, you’ll need to do a combination of strength training (both of that specific muscle group and everywhere else), reducing overall body fat, and eating a diet that contributes to body fat loss and muscle-building. With that disclaimer, here’s what you should know about the inner thighs and this particular workout:

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“The inner thigh muscles or adductors are made up of five main muscles that are responsible for stabilizing the outward rotation of your knee, helping pull the legs toward the center line of your body,” These muscles all attach to the pelvis and play a key role in hip flexion and extension, a huge component of core strength. Since strong inner thighs add to core stabilization, they can also help you crush your other workouts, running included.

Bottom line:

This 10-minute inner thigh workout, combined with a balanced training program and a nutritious diet, will help you see results. “The exercises utilize each of the five adductor muscles,” Lovitt explains. You’ll do the circuit two times with minimal rest and there are two short cardio bursts sprinkled throughout the routine. “By keeping the heart rate elevated you will burn body fat as well as strengthen the inner thigh muscles,” adds Lovitt. Now let’s get to it.

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Here’s How To Do This Workout:

  • Do each move in the circuit below for the specific time.
  • Repeat 2x.

Equipment Needed: One medium-to-heavy dumbbell. Here’s how to select the weight that’s right for you.

Plié Squat Pulses With One Foot Raised – 30 seconds each side

Whitney Thielman

  • Stand in a wide squat position with your feet about two to three feet apart and toes pointing out.
  • Come on to the ball of your left foot. Keep your back straight and abs tight and bend knees a few inches. Bring your butt straight down, don’t hinge back like you do in a regular squat.
  • Press your knees out slightly as you lower. Continue to pulse up and down, then straight legs to return to standing.
  • Continue for 30 seconds, then repeat on the opposite side.

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5 yoga poses that will help you get rid of depression

Some days, you dread getting up in the morning and facing the world. Hopelessness takes over, and you feel empty. If this recurs often, you are in trouble, my friend, as depression is knocking on your door. The sooner you find a solution, the better. Yoga is said to relieve depression naturally, and here’s a list of 7 yoga poses that will help you do so. Take a look.

Before that, let’s get to know a few facts about depression.

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What Is Depression?

Depression is an illness that affects your brain. It is your reaction to something sad, loss of someone, or dejection. When these feelings aggravate and become intense, it leads to a medical condition called clinical depression.

You know you are depressed when you display the following symptoms consistently for two weeks.

Symptoms Of Depression

  • You feel worthless and guilty on a daily basis.
  • Your concentration decreases and indecisiveness takes over.
  • All the hobbies and activities you enjoyed previously now don’t seem appealing at all.
  • You think about death and contemplate suicide.
  • You feel unstable and fidgety or incredibly dull and slow.
  • There will be a significant change in your weight – you either gain it or lose it.

What Causes Depression?

When you get emotionally attached to something over a period, and it doesn’t exist anymore, it leaves a gap, and depression takes over to cope with the loss. Genetics, fluctuation in the hormone levels, some medical conditions, post-surgery reaction, and high-stress levels also cause depression. It is a common yet severe problem that needs to be tackled before it gets out of hand. Let’s now find out how to do that.

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Yoga As A Cure For Depression

Yoga is one of the best ways to lighten your mood and keep depression at bay. Yoga poses increase blood circulation to the brain and enable the production of the mood-elevating hormones.

The practice of yoga doesn’t have any adverse side effects, which make it a better option as compared to other medication for depression. Some yoga poses to fight depression are mentioned below. Try them for at least 12 weeks to notice significant changes.

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